Legendex exhaust features


The ultimate exhaust system for your 4WD.

7 Reasons Why Legendex Is Better

  1. Legendex is the toughest exhaust on the market.
  2. Legendex delivers greater power gains and fuel economy.
  3. Legendex offers the best value for money for a premium exhaust.
  4. Legendex provides an unrivaled 10 year warranty.
  5. Legendex carries the only transferable exhaust warranty in Australia.
  6. Only Legendex offers a 60-day satisfaction money-back guarantee.
  7. Built with 100% Aussie sweat – 100% Aussie designed – 100% Aussie owned.


Unrivaled 10 Year Warranty

Because Legendex is built to outlast, we can confidently offer an unrivalled 10 Year Warranty. A so-called ‘extreme duty’ competitor only offers 3 years warranty on their premium exhaust range – that’s a warning you may need to replace the whole thing shortly after the warranty expires. Many 4WD exhaust warranties are void if you go off-road!!! Legendex expect you to go off-road. If it breaks we replace it.

Best Value-For-Money Premium Exhaust

Legendex, with a 10-year warranty, offers extraordinary value when compared to a competitor’s limited 3-Year Warranty. The potential replacement costs after expiry can cost up to $5980.00 for the extreme duty – that’s $4385.00 more than Legendex over the same period.

*Calculated on warranty length and potential replacement costs

The Only Transferable Exhaust Warranty

The Legendex 10-Year Warranty is the only exhaust warranty that is transferable to a new owner should you sell your vehicle. Legendex is a significant improvement to your vehicle and we believe it’s only right that it should improve the resale value of your vehicle – so we made the warranty transferable. Customers must register their warranty online to qualify for the transferable warranty.

Increased Power, Drive-Ability & Fuel Economy

You are guaranteed to gain at least 10% power in the rev range of everyday driving – where you need that extra torque – it will be really noticeable when towing and climbing those big hills. Say goodbye to turbo lag and hello to extra power. Many customers see fuel savings around 8-12% but fuel consumption is influenced by driving styles and conditions, so these savings are not guaranteed. Any exhaust manufacturer who claims to get more savings is exaggerating – ask them to guarantee their claims.

The Dyno graph shows a Toyota LandCruiser 79 Series TD with stock exhaust versus a Legendex exhaust and chip for a 40% power increase.


60-Day Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re not entirely satisfied with your Legendex exhaust simply return it to us within 60 days for a full purchase price and outbound shipping refund. No other exhaust manufacturer offers this satisfaction guarantee.

Easy-Fit Money-Back Guarantee

Legendex exhaust systems fit perfectly – right on the factory hangers, guaranteed. Some ‘extreme’ products don’t use the factory hanger positions for many vehicle types – instead they require new mounts to be welded or bolted to your chassis and pan – that can cost you around 8 extra hours of professional labour to fit. Legendex saves you big dollars in professional fitting time or, if you’re fitting the Legendex yourself, you’ll avoid hours of extreme frustration.

Legendary tough is proven fact. We compared the new Legendex exhaust system with the next best heavy duty systems on the market. The results are revealing – Legendex is tougher and has over 3 times the life expectancy and durability.

Ceramic Coated Dump Pipes

Rapidly transfers high exhaust temperatures out of the engine bay for cooler engine operating temperatures, cooler air intake and greater power. The coating also greatly extends the durability and life of the dump pipe by reducing extreme heat cycling metal fatigue. The coating reduces the exterior temperature by 110-120°c. Pyro (EGT) fittings in the dumps are standard.

Polished Stainless Long-life Mufflers

They will never need to be re-packed because the heavy glass wool packing is contained by stainless wool lagging (see photo). Mufflers are straight through with all stainless internals to prevent corrosion.

409 Stainless Steel Tube

Mandrel bent 409 stainless is the superior choice for exhausts. This OEM grade stainless steel delivers the best corrosion resistance PLUS maximum heat cycling tolerance. Higher grades of stainless don’t tolerate heat cycling – they get brittle and crack. Aluminised mild steel handles the heat-cycling but the coating degrades with high exhaust temperatures and corrosion begin.

Better By Design – Better Off-road

Designed by Genie in Australia for the tough Aussie 4WD conditions, our systems tuck up high for maximum clearances for off-roading. We constantly revise our designs to fit new aftermarket accessories like airbags and long-range fuel tanks.

Ultra-strong rod hangers

We developed a collar system for our rod hangers using 12mm rod and a collar that wraps the tube. This collar absorbs vibrations and strengthens the tube where the hangers attach.


Ultra-strong flat-bar hangers

Our exclusive 270° gripper system absorbs vibrations and cradles the pipe. It’s ultra-strong, made with 5mm flat-bar not 2mm pressed steel.

High-flow diesel specific catalytic converters with 10yr warranty

200 cell stainless-core diesel catalytic converter with stainless steel case and heat-shield. The only cat in Australia that carries a 10-Year Warranty.

Thermal painted rated to 800°C

The exhaust rated 800°C thermal paint reduces heat transfer to the vehicle body and under-car equipment. The paint adds another layer of corrosion resistance.

Double-braided Stainless Flex

Many competitors only use flex bellows with a single-layer of braid. Our stainless bellows are sandwiched two-layers of stainless braid.

Heavy-Duty Flanges

The 10mm thick flange system provides maximum strength and the low-profile 2-bolt system doesn’t suffer from clearance issues that 4-bolt flanges can have.

100% Original Mounting Points

ALL our hangers use the vehicles original mounting points on ALL vehicles. Our systems simply bolt on in minutes. Competitors products may fit poorly or need welding completely new mounting points.

Gaskets & Instructions

Reinforced gaskets with pressed fire rings, detailed instructions, nuts, bolts and pyro plug.