Warranty information-EBAY

All warranties are dependant on the manufactuer.

All warranties are processed through Performance Exhaust. This

may require items to be returned to our Knoxfield head office for

processing. The following are the manufacturers warranty periods

Pacemaker headers/extractors----  2 years or 12 months if LPG.
Pacemaker King brown----- 5 years except cat converters.
Genie extractors-------2 years or 6 months on LPG
Wildcat headers------12 months or 6 months on LPG
Redback sports ----------2 years
Genie Stainless systems------3 years or 5 years

with registered warranty card.
Berklee/Pex-----2 years.
Lukey--------2 years
SS Inductions----12 months
Brown Davis-3 years 60,000kms for domestic or commercial

2 years or 40,0000km
Xforce--------Stainless Steel Exhaust Systems 60 Months
                     Mild Steel Exhaust Systems 24 Months
                     Catalytic Converters 12 Months
                     Electronic Components 12 Months
                     Universal Mild Steel Mufflers 12 Months
                     Universal Stainless Steel Mufflers 24 Months
                     Accessories 12 Months
                     Stainless Steel Headers 24 Months
                     Mild Steel Headers 12 Months
Magnaflow----Finish: Black - 1 year Warranty
                         Aluminized - 1 year Warranty
                         Stainless - Lifetime Warranty
                         Mufflers- Lifetime Warranty
                        Cat-Backs: Lifetime Warranty
Standard mufflers-2 years.
Performance Exhaust brand-2 years.
all other general products 12 months</p>